The whole team are back this week to talk TV tuners, re-using old PCs as Windows Media Center systems, Media Center library bugs, Windows 7 Phone updates, new laptops and other news items.

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0 thoughts on “The Digital Lifestyle Show 298 – Living in a box”
  1. I don’t really mind what they’re called – lets just get these updates on our phones, please! 🙂

  2. Leaving aside the Windows Phone update woes (I had an iPhone 3G that Apple comprehensively bricked with iOS4, so I’m willing to cut Microsoft some slack on this one) – there was some chat in this show about multiple tuners. Any chance of something on tuner splitters? I had 4 DVB-T tuners in my PC. but only one aerial feed. Using a splitter usually resulted in a weak signal and flaky recordings so right now I’m having to settle for just 2 tuners (with one input.)

    What is the panel’s recommendation for a decent powered splitter that won’t result in a degraded signal, and allow me to use my 4 tuners once more?

  3. I’m sure others will be able to offer suggestions, personally, I’ve always had good results from the Televes units as a cheap first step.

    The variable gain means that you can keep amplified noise to a minimum.

    Do you have a mast head amp fitted at all?

    Also to go back to 4 stream tuners, the Pinacle 7010ix card is great (I had one) – but you’ll do well to find one!

  4. Thanks for the tip – I do have a mast head amplifier that splits 4 ways (to 4 different rooms.) If a powered splitter doesn’t do the trick, then my next step would have been to look at using DVB logic. However, it looks like I may be moving house soon, so the fun and games will start again at my new place!

  5. I’m pretty sure I tried the referenced hotfix for the “frequent music library regeneration on the Xbox 360 extender” bug, but I don’t think it fixed it for me. Fortunately, after installing Service Pack 1 (for Windows 7 x64), I haven’t had the problem!

  6. The music library rebuilding bug was on Windows 7 not on Vista. This hotfix is now included in Windows 7 SP1 !

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