Once again there are rumours of a revised Windows 7 UI based on Windows Media Center specifically for Tablets.  The story is that Windows 7 Tablet Edition will be a new UI based on Media Center and Metro and move away from the current explorer UI.

Having use Tablet PCs for years I can see that using Media Center type UI would work better on a touch screen than the default Windows 7 UI and it would make sense to get some benefit from the investment spent on Windows Media Center but I am not 100% convinced by the story. Don’t forget a few years ago there was the Origami UI which was a touch friendly UI that ran over the top of Windows and was a failure which was partly down to hardware and partly down to a sluggish user interface. So with faster processors and improved screens maybe a Tablet UI could work but underneath it all it will be still running Windows


Credit Suisse says it expects Microsoft to release a version of Windows 7 specific to the tablet form factor in the first half of 2011, and that it will be based on the Windows 7 kernel but with a new, tablet-optimized user interface (UI).

“Specifically, we anticipate ‘Windows 7 Tablet Edition’ to be more touch- and tablet-friendly with a new UI ‘shell’ (based on Windows Media Center and/or Metro as opposed to the traditional Taskbar interface of the currently default Explorer.exe) on top of existing Windows 7 ‘piping,'” analyst Philip Winslow wrote in a recent note to clients.

Winslow believes that much as it did with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft will implement hardware requirements for tablet manufacturers (e.g., capacitive touch with four or more contact points and an accelerometer) to instill confidence in application developers that their apps will run as intended on all Windows 7 Tablet Edition devices.

“Along these lines, we expect Microsoft to eventually ship Windows with Windows Marketplace as the company’s version of Apple’s App Store,”

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