I’ve mentioned a few times on the show in the last few weeks that I have been using a Maplin’s RF keyboard to control my Media Centre. Up until recently I had been really pleased with it. It  was small, responsive and, despite having Sinclair Spectrum style rubber keys, easy to type on. Unfortunately in the past week a few build issues have shown up and the joystick style mouse has become very unresponsive. Fortunately over the festive period I was treated to a replacement:- a new RII mini keyboard from TomTop (search for Rii on EBay to find them)

This is really tiny, has proper keys, a laptop style touch pad and even a built in laser pointer. It has a rechargeable battery which can be charged from a PC USB port. The unit is cleverly supplied with a pass-through charging lead so that you can still plug another USB device into the same port you are charging the keyboard from – a very neat touch although I probably wouldn’t try plugging any USB device in that draws power like for instance a hard drive. The charge seems to last  a really long time. I do switch the keyboard off between uses but so far it has survived almost a week without needing charging and the low battery light is not on.The keyboard is also illuminated  which is perfect for the living room.

I have to say I am really impressed with this device. My only concern is the aforementioned laser pointer. I am assuming they have put this on the keyboard for use in the presentation market but I can see it being downright dangerous in a home environment filled with kids!

Anyway a picture speaks a thousand words


From top to bottom My Logitech remote for scale, the Maplin’s keyboard and then the Rii. Perspective and depth of field are making the Rii look a bit bigger than it is. Suffice to say its tiny!

4 thoughts on “My media centre keyboards are getting smaller–TomTop Rii”
  1. That is a good price.

    I think it will depend on how much typing you will do. Being so small it will never be a touch typists dream but it is definitely a better two-thumb board than most phones I have tried.

    The keys have a nice rounded feel (like little hills) wich makes it relatively easy to locate the correct key and each key has a very positive feel to being pressed. I haven’t had it long enough to know how the keys will wear but generally the whole thing feels well built.

    To sum up I wouldn’t want to write a novel using it but I have quite happily written this comment using it.

  2. One other thing I should mention the Fkeys only go up to 8 so if you have an application that uses F9 etc that is a pain

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