For Christmas my wife bought me an Amazon Kindle which was really a pleasant surprise, so I thought I would write about my first impressions here. On opening the box I was really surprised how thin and light the Kindle is, I have seen pictures on the web but it ws the first time I have seen it in the flesh and was really impressed. The screen on the Kindle very readable as most eInk screens are and I found it very easy on the eyes but what I really like is the the way I can read a book on the Kindle and also read it on my iPad or iPhone. Having my purchases available on any of my devices really adds to the value of the books, I can read the odd page on my my iPhone or iPad and where I am up to in the book is synced across all my devices.

So a great gift and one I think I am going to get a lot of use out of and if anybody has any tips or knows of any hidden features I should know of let me know





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