The HTC HD2, we all know its a well specced phone but over the last few months its had a bit of a complex about what kind of device it is.  As listeners to the show will know I purchased a HD2 about 6 months or so ago, not for the “slick” Windows Mobile 6.5 OS but more the amazing hardware,

I was delighted when some clever devs managed to get Android working on the device, it seemed like an impossible task but this opened up a new world of exciting lovelyness to my HTC and I have been playing around with many builds that have been released ever since, everything from 2.1 with sense to 2.2 with and without sense.  I have found it to be a good experience, especially as the builds run directly from SD card so no need to keep flashing ROMs every few days when a new build is released.  However I still keep finding myself back on WinMo after a couple of weeks as the build becomes buggy, I know these things are still in beta but I am just wondering if these clever devs will finish a build before moving onto a more updated one?  Id love to see an Android ROM released 100% working, and would use it daily as android is far superior to WinMo 6.5 as I am sure most of you will agree.

The next twist in the tale comes from the videos released recently showing Windows Phone 7 running on the HD2, real or fake, you decide, but if this does eventually make its way into the public domain it will mean 3 OSs available for 1 device, an amazing feet for any mobile gadget!

Anyhow what I want to know is, WinMo 6.5, Android or Windows Phone 7, what is the perfect OS partner for the HD2?  What will finally make this device settle down, get married, have kids and live happily ever after?  For one, I really hope they keep pushing the boundaries with the device, its proven to be versitile enough and still one of the best specced phones on the market to this day!

Long live the HD2!

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