So November is here and the rumour mill is running wild with various dates when the eagerly awaited iOS 4.2 for iPad will be released.  As you will probably already know it has already gone out to devs and all signs point to sometime this week.  Listeners to the TDL Mobile show will know that I have recently joined the world of iPad, (better late than never hey), and I for one am really looking forward to the new features which iOS 4.2 will bring to the iPad.  In fact in my opinion this update is going to revolutionise the iPad and the way it is used, making it far easier for people to use it in business and pleasure.

I am sure you have all read the features list by now and there are many great guides out there which go into detail about what the new iOS release will bring to your shiny apple device so I thought I would just mention the bits I am most looking forward to seeing.

Multi-tasking is obviously a biggy for anyone and this will open up the iPad into a whole new world but I am also really interested to see what AirPlay and AirPrint can do.  AirPrint is going to be really good if they implemented it well, I have only been using hte iPad for just under 2 weeks but have already thought, “it would be great to be able to print directly from the iPad”, so fingers crossed on that one.  AirPlay im very eager to see also, I love streaming media around my home and having the option to do this via the iPad will really make things interesting.

What are my fellow iPad users looking forward to most?

I will post on my findings with the new iOS when it finally drops.

UPDATE: Just after I posted this I read a post on Mac Stories reporting that as rumour has it AirPrint for Shared Printers has been removed from iOS 4,2, still no official word on this so I guess we will have to wait and see when the release is…. well… released!  It is still looking like this will be Friday!

UPDATE: iOS 4.2 confirmed for release on Friday at 10am PST (6pm UK) with iTunes 10.1 update due out tomorrow which is needed for AirPlay

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