I really enjoy doing the round table recordings so I am really please to have another cracker for you! This week Andrew Endey returns along with TDL Mobile’s Sheldon Whitney and the Home Server Show’s Dave McCabe. We talk through the weeks email including topics on Windows Embedded, Live Mesh, cut down version of Windows, Universal remotes and integrating devices like the iPad with Windows Media Center.

Please keep the email coming, I will keep them for future round tables.

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Music by Ian Dixon

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0 thoughts on “The Media Center Show No.267–Andrew, Dave and Sheldon”
  1. Dear Sir: Please stop talking about the Ipad. It’s becoming really annoying.

    Yes, we know you have Ipad and yes, we know you like the Ipad, and yes we know you use the Ipad, and yes we know you took the Ipad to Germany and yes, yes, yes it’s the ipad, it’s the ipad it’s the ipad.

    Inviting guests to a general round table and then leading every discussion into an Ipad fanboy swoon session alienates the users (who, as shocking as it sounds may not actual have that wonderful marvelous all powerful all knowing device called the Ipad) and probably irks your guests who obviously wanted to talk about something other than your love affair with the Ipad.

    So again please stop talking about the Ipad. The podcast will be better for it.

  2. @mike point taken but you did listen to the invervew with Evolve media last week with only meeds center talk? We only talk about it because we like it the same way I did about netbooks,my loverly zune HD etc I always talk about my latest gadget 🙂

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