Cnet are reporting that Microsoft has begun offering the Zune Pass subscription service to customers in the U.K. The Zune devices have never been sold outside North America, so there hasn’t been much reason to offer the related subscription service, which offers unlimited streams and temporary downloads plus 10 permanent downloads a month. But the Windows Phone 7 software has the Zune HD’s functionality built in, and with that phone platform slated to launch worldwide later this year, it makes sense for Microsoft to begin testing it now.

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I have logged in and have the option to take out paid passes as well as a 14 day free trial, see below:-



0 thoughts on “Zune Pass comes to UK at last”
  1. Well it sort of works
    I managed to eventually order a zune pass with my Windows Live id (of course I choose the 14 day trial)!
    Then went home and tried to download some music to my zuneplayer but had the following issues:
    1) No sign-in or marketplace options in Zune software.
    2) So changed my PC from the UK to US in Control Panel>location.
    3) Restarted Zune software and Marketplace and sign-in options have now appeared.
    4) Try to sign-in and it now says that the location of my Windows live id (I guess UK) does not match my PC location of US.
    5) So I have a Zune pass but cannot use it, fortunately it was free:-)

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