Derek has posted the latest edition of The Custom Integrator Show clearing up some of the misinformation around HDBaseT. We also talk about the state of DNLA and 3D.

Derek has what must be the longest ever blog post to accompany  a podcast to go with the show and its is well worth reading!

We first cover my checking out the new Samsung 3-D displays as part of their 3-D Road Tour for Installment 031.  We also discuss the current state of DLNA devices, a little on my thoughts about calibrating for 3-D, and some updates from my guest appearance on Entertainment 2.0 at  The big thing we dive into this time is HDBaseT.  I try to dispel some of the rumors running around the Internet.   This is a very long post because there is a lot to cover.

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When I was discussing my view of Microsoft’s interconnected future on the Digital Media Zone show, I got into the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) efforts a little bit and could not remember the name of the file format they are trying to standardize.  It is the Common File Format (CFF) and is part of the key store that Neustar will be hosting for the DECE.  I also have been reminded by my good friend Ben Drawbaugh at EngadgetHD that what the DECE is offering and what Disney and its partners are doing with their KeyChest are more complimentary than competitive.  The DECE is building an entire platform with a common DRM-based infrastructure and CFF while KeyChest is just a way to be able to play content in different environments without having to pay for it multiple times.  He has a short post on it at  It still is a little confusing to me where the two technologies are complimentary instead of being competitive, but I still think the DECE is a key component of “universal” content consumption moving forward.

Clearing up the HDBaseT Technical FUD – Installment 031

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