I’m a bit late posting this but DVBLogic have produced yet another release of the TVSource element of their great DVBLink product:

From their site:

What’s new and fixed:
– Substantial speed-up of channel changes for systems with satellite tuners and diseqc
– Substantial speed-up of channel scan
– Fixed compatibility with AnySee tuners and their softcam when using it with multicas providers
– New software registration mechanism: full overview of registration status of all installed DVBLink products in a single place
– New software purchasing mechanism. Now you can start purchase page directly from DVBLink Server configuration application. Next to the improved user experience new purchasing mechanism allows us to work more efficiently with our partners. More announcements on this subject are due very soon!
– Fixed “This program has stopped responding…” error in DVBLink addin
– Fixed issue with disappearing EPG data when using xmltv

The version 3.1 of DVBLink TVSource can be downloaded from Download page of our website.

From all accounts when they say substantial speed up they really mean it. I know this is one of the things that was taken on board after the demo at the user group the other week.


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