Just spotted an interesting job vacancy on Microsoft’s careers web site that points to an increased focus in the consumer market for Windows Embedded. The latest version of Windows Embedded features Windows Media Center and is the first time Microsoft have targeted consumers with Windows Embedded.  They are advertising for a developers to work in the Windows Embedded team focusing on graphics and media processing to help extend Windows in to set-top boxes and connected TVs. Windows Media Center is a key component of Microsoft’s embedded TV strategy and its interesting to see Microsoft adding resources to the project.

Since Media Center became a component of Windows starting with Windows Vista rather a separate edition (Windows XP Media Center Edition) I think Media Center has become a bit lost in  the minds of Microsoft’s, but as the primary feature of Windows Embedded for set top boxes and connected TV its is now a source of income. Microsoft need Windows Embedded for consumer devices to battle Google TV and other set top box platforms and I think this job advert points to the fact that Media Center in Embedded is not just about shoehorning an additional feature but a new strategy for Microsoft

This is a job for someone who can think fast, move fast, and learn a ton of new technologies really quickly, so we can win in a fast growing business. You would need to be willing to put yourself in the shoes of consumers worldwide, and make everything you do aligned with the needs of that market. The technology we are dealing with around the new generation of TVs is simply amazing, and the software engineering challenges are equally stunning. Our goal is no less than to help Microsoft win on the TV, plain and simple

The ideal candidate will have these characteristics and history.
Expert level knowledge in Graphics technologies, ideally on Windows platforms
Experience working with Windows Media Center as a platform is an advantage.
Experience with the set top box industry is an advantage.
Experience with embedded operating systems is an advantage.

Looks like an interesting role and you can find out more on Microsoft’s site.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Job posting points to more Media Center in Windows Embedded”
  1. i hope the new employee is forward thinking enough to suggest that Kinect might be a good way to control Microsofts 10 feet O/s ( media Center ) Tom cruise eat your heart out almost

  2. I wonder if they are still pushing Media Extender along with this new embedded Media Center platform or if they look at the embedded Media Center as both DVR & Extender. If it is the later, what have they done to enable discovery & playback of protected media recorded from other Media Center devices on the same home network? I was sort of hoping that a new Extender platform would have been announced by now.

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