We have been waiting a long time for a remote EPG solution for Media Center, we have the recently launched Remote Potato and now we have “by Remote” from Niall Ginsbourg.

By Remote differs from other solutions by being a Silverlight app with the richness that delivers plus it used the built in EPG so you don’t have to download any EPG data (but you can if you want)

Here are some of the details from Niall:

With ‘by Remote’ users are able to access their entire EPG including (as it appears in Media Center complete with Channel Logo’s) – including EPG Data from MS Supplied Web Servers, EIT/Inband Schedule Data as well as MXF Imported Listings (via Big Screen EPG).
As EPG data, Channel Information/Logo’s are all accessed and carried out natively against the Media Center system with ‘By Remote’– there is almost no configuration required – and you don’t need to worry about downloading any XMLTV (or other) EPG’s separately (NB: If you are using Big Screen EPG to import custom guides – this will not replace that process of course). Similarly – Scheduled Series and Program Recordings are done natively against Media Center – so unlike other 3rd party tools – there’s no messy/buggy ‘click 2 record’ based recording functionality (and instead replicates the scheduling you get inside Media Center when you press record inside the EPG).

The end user experience is delivered by a feature rich Silverlight v3 based UI – which allows you to access your Media Center from a range of browsers and platforms (even including Mac OS/X).
By Remote Tech Preview includes these great features :

  • Provides a Web Based access to your Media Center EPG PC
  • Schedule and Manage your Series/Program Recordings from anywhere
  • Works with any type of EPG listings/sources in Media Center
  • Delivered with stunning Silverlight based User Interface
  • Quick, Easy and Simple Configuration and Setup
  • Includes Inbuilt Web Server for Local and Remote Access
  • Optimized for low Bandwidth Conditions


At the moment Mobile devices are not supported but that is being worked on and if you want to give this tech preview a try you will have to register on bigscreenglobal.com

Niall has more details and more screenshots on his blog post and I am going to give this a try later today

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