Project Kangaroo was going to be a video on demand site offering content from BBC worldwide (the commercial arm of the BBC), ITV and Channel 4 but was blocked by the UK Competition Commission last year. The technology behind the project was purchased by Arqiva and has been launched as The site is in private beta at the moment but you can request an invite, I requested one earlier this month but have not got an account yet but one person who has is TunerFreeMCE developer Martin Millmore. Not only have Martin got an invite he has adding SeeSaw support to TunerFreeMCE so you can get the content directly in Windows Media Center.

Martin says on his blog:

The video player is of course a flash player, and it offers different bandwidth settings, although there are no specific details of what the different resolutions are – but it doesn’t look to be HD.

It’s a nice aggregation of content, some of which isn’t available anywhere else, so definitely worth checking it out.

And for those of you who are wondering about TunerFree integration, a plugin is available here.

Martin also have some screenshots on his blog

Once again its fast work by Martin, no wonder TunerFreeMCE is the top download at

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