Techcrunch has an interesting article about Apple moving iTunes into the cloud, it certainly represents and interesting idea.  According to the article the plan is for a fully fledged cloud based iTunes, perhaps removing the need for a local install, certainly it could make purchases a great deal easier over the web.  There’s also the possibility of an API (which our developer community would right, imagine being able to purchase the track from a Media Center interface).

I wonder if we could see a Microsoft, cloud based Media Player or store?

As Brandon just reminded me, there is the Zune store which already is cloud based, yet another thing that Zune has over the iPod / iPhone…unless of course you don’t live in the US or Canada.  I’d love to see a Zune store API too though, I like APIs.

Anyway, a little off topic but lots of us need to use iTunes for those iPods and iPhones…Do you buy from iTunes, would you if it was easier? (I don’t unless I’m mobile and stuck for something to listen to)

–Simon May

2 thoughts on “iTunes in the cloud?”
  1. The majour reason I dont own an Apple device any more IS iTunes, I despise the application with all my heart, and consider it no better than a Virus and wont install it.

    So if they got rid of the ‘need’ to install it localy I might be more inclined to buy an Apple product. I actualy quite liked my iPod G2/G3, but there is no way I’ll buy one at the moment because of iTunes.

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