Oberon over at DVBLogic.com has dropped me a mail following on from this week’s podcast to say that DVBLink 2 is only day’s away and to prove they really do listen it removes the requirement to turn off UAC. I am really excited to see what DVBLink 2 has to offer – I suspect it may be an answer to some of the things Sage TV people have always criticised Media Center for lacking – network tuners maybe but I don’t have any inside information.


Full disclosure: up to now I have always paid for all my licenses for the products I use from DVBLogic. They have recently kindly offered me some free licences for the products I don’t currently own so that I can test their other products. I will not let this affect how I write about these products and will be critical where I feel it is needed (UAC 🙂 ) but I thought it was only fair to let my reader’s know.

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  1. Brilliant….can’t wait for this 🙂 Hopefully, this will work on a WHS Machine….and even better on the WHS2.

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