image Today MSN UK have launched a new music download service. The service offers around a million DRM fee tracks for download and seems to be focusing on music discovery like the Zune marketplace does. While the paid service looks good I will be interested to see how the free streaming service which will be going in to private beta soon looks.

I wonder why they don’t just brand it as a UK Zune service and get the Zune name out there, maybe it will be once it comes out of beta?

Try the site as and also read Jamie Thomson’s post on it

Details from Microsoft:

MSN Music service will offer a large and competitively priced music library.  Offering a rich web-based experience, users can discover, play and download music as well as enjoy features such as personalised playlist creation.  The music library will constantly be updated along with artist information such as biographies and discographies. The music store will also integrate with the rich editorial content of the MSN Music channel.
Using a new or existing Windows Live ID, the new site makes it easy to access, browse, connect and purchase music. In addition, all paid for downloaded content will be free of digital rights management (DRM) protection.
MSN Music service will continue negotiating to add more songs, albums and content.  The paid for content will allow users to download full tracks or albums (DRM free) and will work on a credit system, which is paid for by credit card.
Pricing Information:
Pack of 10 credits – £7.99
1 credit = 1 standard single
10 credits = 1 standard album

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