Microsoft have created a FAQ explaining the situation regarding the upcoming ATI digital cable firmware. It looks like that with the exception of SDV support Windows Vista uses will have the same benefits as Windows 7 users from the updated firmware including the relaxed copy protection

It also explains how to enable Switched Digital Video in Windows 7

We heard Microsoft made some announcements regarding digital cable at CEDIA Expo 2009. What were they?

Microsoft announced:

  • Windows Media Center includes support for Switched Digital Video (SDV).
  • A new tool is being made available that will allow you to add a digital cable tuner with CableCARD™ support to a Windows 7 PC.
  • You can enjoy more portability for digital cable TV recordings that are marked by the broadcaster as “Copy Freely”.

Read the rest on TheGreenButton (via Missing Remote)

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  1. “How do I enable my existing PC for digital cable with CableCARD™?
    Microsoft will release a tool called the Digital Cable Advisor that tests whether a PC meets basic performance and capabilities. If it does, the tool will enable the PC for digital cable support.”

    I was hoping they would use the performance benchmark that was built into Window7! Maybe this extra tool could offer a different benchmark, but it would be nice to show users what they can do to improve/rate their experience for digital cable.

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