I’ve just installed the new update for Internet TV which has replaced Internet TV beta 2 in Windows 7 Media Center and it’s a brand new UI and looks pretty slick, one massive surprise is that I was prompted to install an additional update for flash support inside Media Center, I’m still in shock lol and very excited I never expected to ever see native support for Flash in Media Center.

That’s the good news the bad news is that Internet TV is now locked down again and cannot be accessed by any old region as was the case with Internet TV beta 2 on the RTM.

Click the images for larger views of them:






OMG Flash inside of Media Center, Christmas has come earlier this year!


Native Flash playback inside Internet TV – 7MC.

This is the bad news.


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  1. The problem I have is I am not in the UK or US, so I would have to setup either a Linksys router with DD-WRT firmware and a VPN client setup or setup windows Internet connection sharing with VPN on the Media Center PC and have the XBOX go via that for it’s Internet connection. Both methods work I have tried them before.

  2. I’d be happy to test here in the US, How did you receive the update, via Windows update or part of a beta program?

  3. Seems the new Internet TV does not even show up on my XBOX 360. I knew I was getting too excited with wishful thinking. ASRock NetTop anyone?

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