This week I am talking to Paul Thomas from MediaVue a UK based Media Center systems reseller, we talk about about their products, the issues effecting Media Center sales and the implications of Windows 7

I also have a round up of the weeks news and details of how to stream DVDs to Extenders without transcoding


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Show Times:

00:23 Coming up this week
01:20 Download the free TDL Reader
01:58 TwitterMCE – Twitter from Windows Media Center
02:42 TouchRC – Control Media Center from Windows Mobile
03:24 Windows Media Center guide to surviving the switch to digital TV in the United States
03:50 Windows Media Center – Service Alert
04:06 Converting and Streaming Home Movies with the HP MediaSmart Server
04:52 Windows 7 General Availability Announced
05:24 Playing Ripped DVDs on Media Center Extenders without conversion or playlists
06:50 Plugin developers wanted for TuneFreeMCE
07:28 June 2009 Updates for Media Center
08:47 Welcome to Paul
09:02 Background on MediaVue
11:00 Media Center in the home
12:00 The product range
13:29 Customers
16:50 Case design
17:07 HTPC or Xbox 360?
19:00 Graphics cards
21:07 Components
22:01 TV Tuners
23:11 Sky or internal tuners
23:41 Windows 7
26:49 Windows 7 performance improvements
32:00 Thanks to Paul

Music by Ian Dixon

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