This week I am talking to Engadget HD’s Ben Drawbaugh about a whole range of topics from Windows 7 to Overscan, getting rid of Cable by using Media Center to MKV playback

Plus I have email and roundup of the news


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Show Times:

00:27 Coming up this week
01:03 Email – My perfect solution
03:09 Email – HD Home Run DVB-T Video
03:55 The Custom Integrator Show Installment 00C
04:30 Resources from 1st Uk Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server Usergroup Event (updated)
05:10 Windows Media Center Addins Wiki
05:39 Windows 7 Release Candidate April 30th for MSDN and May 5th for Public
06:59 Streaming Media in Windows 7
07:06 My Movie Finder for 7MC
07:34 The Windows Media Center Ultimate Enthusiast Contest 2009 Deadline
08:16 Welcome to Ben
09:00 The Engadget HD Podcast
10:23 Windows Beta testing
14:02 Multiple Tuners in Windows 7
14:37 Getting rid of Cable
20:27 Paying for content
23:59 Xbox 360 local content on Media Center Extender
25:30 Internet Content in Windows 7 Media Center guide
29:29 Home Group in Windows Media Center
32:40 Windows 7 wish list
35:00 Power DVD and Bluray
38:20 Audio and Bluray
39:40 Overscan
46:40 Ben’s MVK to dvr-ms post
49:40 X264
52:30 Xbox 360 fans
56:20 VGA v HDMI
1:00:00 Home Automation and device switching
1:07:00 Ben’s site BJDraw.com

Music by Ian Dixon

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