Not sure how I missed this, according to James Stables on the Microsoft are working with NXP to make a DVB-T2 tuner for Windows 7. This will enable Windows Media Center to work with the new Freeview HD service that is being started to roll out later this year, this is great news as it will be a great low cost way of getting HD content

The PC is increasingly becoming a screen for watching television,” said Renaud Bordelet, Group Manager, Windows TV Europe, Microsoft.

“Through this collaboration with NXP we ensure consumers will be able to use Windows Media Center to enjoy DVB-T2 services, such as Freeview HD, on the PC. DVB World is the first time we have demonstrated accessing a DVB-T2 broadcast in HD with Windows Media Center and we look forward to our OEM partners bringing the experience to consumers.”

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  1. “we look forward to our OEM partners bringing the experience to consumers” hmm I may be reading too much into that but that sounds like what we have here for cablecards, oem only machines…

  2. How come you guys aren’t getting HD with existing the DVB-T system? The v1 standard already supports MPEG2 HD and MPEG4 HD (we get MPEG2 in Australia and I think in France they get MPEG4) – and I think all of the current DVBT tuner cards support this too at hw level. (although may not be able to decode the signal via their bundled playback software).

  3. DVB-T does support HD, but that standard had been around since 1997, and is still good for countries that need to switch over from analog.
    DVB-T2 is a new standard that can improve spectrum payload by ~30% through implementation of new technology and methods, and is good for countries that want to improve the efficiency of thier bandwidth used.
    Both can coexist side by side for many years

  4. HDTV is available on cable and satellite in the UK
    Most of the broadcast capacity on Freeview is currently used to transmit standard definition programmes.
    the upgrade will help free up space to allow more HD channels

  5. Ashleigh – thanks for that info. In Australia we have so few channels (15 services total from 5 broadcasters) that ‘freeing’ up bandwidth isn’t ever going to be an issue. However – a lot of the population have problems with DTV reception (particularly the HD channels) – so any improvements that DVBT2 can bring on that front would be welcome too.

  6. with freesat HD and freeview HD things are looking decidedly iffy for my continuation of a sky subscription …. i`m glad i have held off going freesat HD so far … the future looks bright …ish

  7. Just spotted this and think its great !

    I use Winter Hill in Chester so fingers crossed for 2nd Dec.


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