I have just come from Samsung’s CES Press Conference and what that noticeable was the compete lack of Media Center Extender.

They annoucned a new range of LED HD TVs that have Yahoo’s TV widgets built in that enables web content on the TVs, things like Facebook, flickr and other services based on yahoo widget engine. The UI looked nice, I like how it overlayed the services over the tv picture, but I can’t see it going down well with my wife if i was playing with ebay on the TV while she is watching TV. Still it should be something that the media center platform is well capable of doing but i have not seen anything like that yet.

So it looks like Samsung have forgoten about Media Center and are focusing on Yahoo’s platform. Maybe they will have their extender up in the booth, I will find out tomorrow but if their latest high end models don’t have it then it doen’t look good.

There were no UMPCs or PC products talked e



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