Congratulations to Microsoft for Live Mesh being voted the Best Technology Innovation / Achievement at the second annual Crunchies awards run by Tech Crunch!

Live Mesh is a fantastic technology letting you keep your “stuff” in sync across multiple devices.  CES this year shows that it’s clear that the industry is going this way in a VERY strong way.  In the future everything will just stay connected and your stuff will be wherever you want it.  Live Mesh is the base technology from Microsoft for that.

You can get Live Mesh here, read about the Crunchies here and read about how I use Mesh here.

Well done guys!

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3 thoughts on “Live Mesh – Best Technology Innovation / Achievement 2008”
  1. Live Mesh is the bomb and I can understand why it won. 90% of PCs are running Windows and this app integrates seamlessly and without effort. I’m going to be installing it for my in-laws so I can remote access their PCs and make changes for them.

  2. Always on and always synced. I love how I use it to get the podcast to Ian for hosting. Makes it hella easy to deal with instead of opening an FTP app or something.

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