Ed Bott links to two updates for Windows Vista: KB959485 “resolves issues with Media Center for Windows Vista” (the 64bit version is  also available), the knowledge base page is not up yet but I believe it fixes a problem where TV shows recorded on CableCARD end up with just the audio.

The other update for which is for TV Feature Pack (KB957209) fixes several issues including the problem where series records get lost or as Ed says “disappearing programs” (there is also a 64bit version of that update too)

More details on Ed’s blog

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  1. KB 959485 – http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=959485
    A recorded TV show plays back only audio after you install update 955519 for Windows Media Center on a Windows Vista-based computer that is configured to use digital cable card tuners

    KB 957209 – http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=957209
    The update for Media Center TV Pack for Windows Vista resolves the following issues:

    * Media Center crashes after you replace a TV tuner.
    * The guide data in Media Center stops downloading.
    * Recordings on systems that have in-band schedule data are split into multiple recordings.
    * Scheduled recordings disappear from Media Center.

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