To me it looks obvious that the future of TV is over the internet and theChanner is a new services for delivering world TV to Captureyour PC and mobile phone. It enables you to explore free internet TV channels from around the world including weather, sport and entertainment.

There is an a version for Windows and one for Windows Mobile, I tried the Windows version and could watch over 160 channels. The video quality is not bad, its ok in a Windows but in full screen the quality is not great. In terms of content there are 161 searchable channels (not all seemed to work) from many different countries. You can filter by country and language and you can also build up a list of your favourite channels.

The Windows Mobile version sounds good, being able to access the content over 3G or wi-fi would be nice, being able just to watch the BBC news from a mobile is a great feature 

The service is in private beta and they are looking for feedback so register to have a play with it

I asked about an addin for Windows Media Center and it’s on their list of features for the future

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