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This week I am talking to Windows expert Ed Bott about Window 7, there is a lot to look forward to in 2009 with Windows 7 and I talk to Ed about the new version of Windows and how the development process for Windows 7 differs from Windows Vista. I also have email, news items and some details about next weeks CES trip

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Show Times:
00:50 Coming up this week
01:29 Email: D-Link Extender Update
02:42 Video: Unboxing an Amilo Xa3530 Entertainment Notebook
03:25 Join The Digital Lifestyle Windows Live Group
04:01 The Digital Lifestyle.com Awards 2008 Vote Page
04:28 What was good and what wasn’t in 2008?
05:24 Video: First Look at HP’s New Windows Home Server: EX487
08:47 Next week I will be at CES, so follow me on Twitter
09:53 Welcome to Ed Bott
11:52 Why is it called Windows 7?
14:50 What has been changed in Windows 7?
17:23 A different approach?
22:00 Better on low power systems?
23:41 Faster boot
26:38 How good is the beta code?
29:41 UI Changes
41:34 File System changes
48:00 Home Group
58:00 Windows Editions
01:02:00 When we will see the beta?
01:11:48 www.edbott.com
01:12:00 Thanks to Ed
01:13:00 See you next week at CES!

Music by Ian Dixon

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