Windows Media Center users in Australia have always suffered from a lack of EPG data and have to use 3rd party apps to get the data in to Media Center but TV Feature Pack broke some of the 3rd party EPG solutions. The good news is that SBS Australia are now transmitting 7 days worth of EPG data over the air and since TV Feature pack supports over the air EPG Australian users can now have simple solution for access TV guide data.

Niall Ginsbourg says “Combined with the new Dec08 fixes for TVPack 2008 – VMC is now finally a full ‘out-of-the-box’ solution for Australian consumers (with all guide data now available for the first time ever).”

Via Niall’s blog

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  1. Does TV Pack only support over the air EPG as you called it ?
    I’m wondering if TV Pack could pull EPG data from Sat and Cable sources? UBC in Thailand are now starting to ship DVR STB’s so they must have an EPG of some kind, wonder if Media Center could tap in to that EPG data some how?

  2. There is nothing worse than when Channel Nine does the following evenings’s entertainment:
    The Late Movie
    The Late Late Movie
    Not easy to do an title, actor or director search on those ones. Yet they want to take others to court over it?

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