Windows Home Server users all love their Home Server but there are some people that don’t want a server in the home. According to a slide on ChannelWeb’s “10 Microsoft Predictions for 2009” Microsoft could be looking at a cloud based Home Server solution. The details are pretty vague but it could make sense to offer the backup functions via Live Mesh for users without a Home Server. I would much rather have a Home Server in my home where I don’t have to worry about bandwidth and use the server for shared drives and remote access etc but it’s an interesting option. I guess a hybrid local with cloud backup would be the best of both words


Windows Home Server Moves To The Cloud

Microsoft has done a solid job in generating market demand for Windows Home Server, but the complexity of the software has served as a barrier to adoption, according to some solution providers. Compounding the issue is the fact that HP’s Media Smart Server, which runs Windows Home Server, is priced out of reach of many consumers.

That’s why some partners expect Microsoft to offer an cloud-based version of Windows Home Server at some point in the near future as a way of building awareness of what the product can do.

"The logical progression of services should end with the consumer," said one solution provider, who asked not to be named. "Microsoft wants to establish ‘sockets’ — whether they’re PCs, mobile devices, or home server platforms. And if those sockets are in the cloud, that’s the best case scenario for Microsoft."

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  1. “I guess a hybrid local with cloud backup would be the best of both words” that sounds far more S+S than a totally cloud based solution to me….

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