Simon May and I have been looking for a way to really bring Windows Media Center users and enthusiasts together, we both live in the UK and we think there’s some great fun to be had by getting the enthusiast community meeting each other.  At this kind of event we’d hope to share our knowledge, bring in some exciting guest speakers both from within the community and the vendors and maybe even some system installers.

Most of all we want the events to be fun, and for everyone to get something out of them that they’re going to enjoy.  We want to officially open up the conversation on this so that we know what you’d like to see.  So right now, if you’re in the UK and would be interested in attending an event or two, pop over to groups and join the UK Windows Media Center and Home Server User group.  That’s where we’ll be having the conversation and getting things setup.

We will be looking at various technologies that connect with Windows Media Center like Windows Home Server, home automation and Extenders and looking how we can use the technologies available to us to enhance our digital lifestyles.

So sign up and lets start the conversation!

Thanks to Microsoft UK for their support of the User Group

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