The UMPC is an interesting form factor, I have had my Samsung Q1 for a while now and have had some good use out of it but the performance of Vista on it IMG_1148meant that it’s been left in a draw and the EEE PC comes with me instead. So when I got the M3 build of Windows 7 I thought installed it on the Q1 and as I said on the blog before I was impressed with how well Windows 7 runs on the Samsung UMPC.  Last week Steve “Chippy” Paine from UMPCPortal (one of the best UMPC sites around) interviewed me about running Windows 7 on the Q1, we had some Skype problems but Steve did a great job editing the interview and you can listen to it HERE

Overall Windows 7 will be good for the Netbook and UMPC market but Steve thinks it will struggle to fit on MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices), read Steve’s post for his thoughts and have a listen to the interview 


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