image The LiveMesh site is out of order right now whilst they bring the new stuff online.  I’m keeping and eye on it so I can post about the changes a little later.  In case you don’t quite get why Live Mesh is part of your media experience yet, and why it’s part of your digital lifestyle its because of the VERY cool stuff that can be built onto Mesh.

We’ve seen this week the iPlayer application that was built on Mesh now check this out… have a video with one of the Mesh team who’s built a “Mesh Mobile” (it’s a Porche).  An in car computer that’s Mesh connected.  Sat Nav that syncs its POIs between multiple cars.  Movies, Audio Books, Music, Playlists everything sync’d from your home PC over Mesh.  Head on over to and watch the video, you get to see the toys at 18:33 into the video.

I want this in my car….doubt we will see that anytime soon though….but this is what you will get with Mesh, all your media everywhere, it’s called “Meshness”


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