Ian Dixon has finally roped me in to it and asked me to do a guest spot on his
excellent website the digital
lifestyle. So thank you Ian for the invitation, it’s appreciated.


I will be doing my usual blogging thing on this site now,
but will also continue to post on my own blog.
Some of you may have already seen my existing Media Center blog over on the
blogspot here. If you
haven’t then check it out!

I don’t really blog to a set routine or anything, just me rambling mainly about
my Media Center experiences, tips, tricks and news items as and when I have
something to say!

Hopefully you may find some of it interesting and you can subscribe to the new
RSS feed here.


A little bit about me?


I’m just a guy who fell in love with his Media Center!


from a corporate I.T. background, with 12 years experience designing, building
and configuring

Windows Servers, Exchange Servers, Networks etc. I’m not
currently working and taking some time out with my family, we are currently
living in sunny Thailand,

But I’m originally from Yorkshire in England. And yes those
Yorkshire Dales are as beautiful as they say they are!


I’d really like to get in to the Smart Home business and if
someone doesn’t employ me soon? I will just have to start my own company!


I’m also very active on The Green Button and I am a top 10 contributor over

So keep posted and I hope you enjoy reading!



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