There is a new MSNBC addin for Windows Media Center user in US and Canada, I haven’t been able to try it myself but according to Brandon LeBlanc on The MSNBC NewsWindows Experience Blog it gives you quick access to the latest election news, top stories and weather. I love these kind of addins because you can quickly get an update on the world without leaving Media Center, I have been hoping that the BBC would come up this kind of application for UK users but alas nothing yet. Checkout Brandon’s post for all the details and US users should see the title show up in the TV + Movies menu.


10 thoughts on “MSNBC News Beta for Windows Media Center”
  1. WMC has become an US only product. So much of new features lately are US only.
    And the TV pack with support for old basic European TV standards is OEM only.
    Current European HD standards are still not supported. Some countries can’t use WMC for viewing TV at all.

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