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Back after a week off, this week talking with blogger and podcast Kevin Tofel talking about Cloud Computing. Kevin recently switched to only using web based apps and we chatted about what is Cloud Computing, the security risks around it and the how it will effect the digital lifestyle. I also have a roundup of news and email

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Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:24 Email: TV Feature Pack
03:12 Email: Music UI in XP Media Center
04:48 Email: Where is the BBC content?
06:31 How to get Windows Media Center on an Xbox 360
07:02 D-Link Releases DSM-750 Firmware Update
08:04 My Personal TV Digital Available On Windows Vista Media Centre
08:39 TV Manager 1.0 for Windows Home Server and Media Center
09:12 EngadgetHD: HP MediaSmart Connect Review
10:24 CEPro: Don’t Expect big news on the TV Pack at CEDIA
11:48 Samsung to offer Extender compatible with non Samsung TVs
13:40 Welcome to Kevin
16:10 What is Cloud Computing?
18:30 Why switch?
30:23 Would it work for enterprises?
32:27 Mainstream consumers
34:53 Going off line
43:31 Using the Q1
45:00 Mobile devices
54:20 Media Center with the Cloud?
57:01 Microsoft Live Mesh
59:02 Mobile Tech Roundup podcast
59:20 JKontherun

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Music by Ian Dixon

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