The one Extender I have not tested at home yet is the D-Link DSM-750 and according to Chris Lanier D-Link have updated the firmware of the extender. The Firmware is version 1.01 and dated August 11th.

Revision Info:

  • Support for 1080p TVs and video files
  • Look of the Home page altered to improve navigation & readability
  • Online Media icon added to the home page
  • Support for Rhapsody music service
  • Support for Live365 Internet Radio service
  • DVR-MS playback A/V sync issue in MediaLounge mode resolved


More details on Chris Lanier’s blog

0 thoughts on “D-Link Releases DSM-750 Firmware Update”
  1. This is the extender I have and I like it…once it’s in Media Center. It’s too slow to boot, and the non Media Center interface is completely awful. One problem I’ve had is that for some reason it wants to slip out of 1080i mode. It might be after power interruptions, but still, when it slips to 480i, my Sony HDTV doesn’t render the screen correctly, and you kind of have to navigate by remembering to get the 750 back into 1080i mode. Strange. I hope this is a bug that is fixed with 1.01.

    Also, there is just horrendous documentation about how to use this extender’s software.

    One thing I wish it would do is output sound and video through all outputs all the time. My Time Warner DVR, which is the worst piece of equipment in the history of electronics, at least does this. I’d like to send 1080i video to my HDTV while sending 480i out through the composite output into my house-wide SD TV system.

  2. I got this installed and it works well. To install, download the .zip file from DLink, put the two files into the root level of a USB thumb drive, plug the drive into the USB port on the 750, and press the center button when the 750 notifies that it detects new firmware.
    I played with it for a bout 15 minutes and from what I see, the DLink’s media software outside of VMC is improved: from completely unusable to just merely bad. The old version used big icons to list mp3s and videos on the network. I also was unable to get it to play songs on my Rhapsody account with the old version.
    The new version lists items in text lists which are much more navigable. Also, I was able to get Rhapsody music playing (but only after playing a Rhapsody Channel. THEN I could go select specific songs – may be a coincidence). I am a big Rhapsody fan, and the ability to get even a bad 10-foot interface on Rhapsody is exciting. In order to use this, one must run their Rhapsody desktop software in UPnP mode somewhere on their network. Once the connection activates, the 750 allows you to play songs that are in your Rhapsody library, any of your playlists, or any channel. I sure would love for Rhapsody to come up with a VMC plug in.
    Can’t tell if the 1080i stuff is more stable. Given that I feel like I am one of five 750 users in the world, I just thought I’d send out some observations!
    My only complaint with the 750, really, is that it has a large footprint. My idea of an extender is that it would conveniently go in a bedroom or kitchen. This is too big for those. Good thing is that it is super silent and doesn’t produce a lot of heat. IIRC, the Linksys model is the smallest of the extenders, and the most likely one I’d get to put in a kitchen where space is tight.

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