Over the last year Windows Vista has come in for a tremendous amount of criticism, some of justified but most of it not and lots made by people that had never used the OS but I get the feeling that the perception is slowly starting to swing back Microsoft’s way. It seems to be fashionable to bash Vista and lots of tech sites picked up on the trend but I sense this is changing, as more and more sites post that Vista isn’t that bad and as more people are using new machines with Vista pre-installed they are getting a better experience . Hopefully the myth of Vista problems will replaced with reality which is Vista is better than XP but like any OS still has issues and could be improved on.

Gizmodo have published 10 reasons why Vista isn’t that bad and it’s nice to see Media Center as a DVR at number 4

4. Vista Media Center is a fantastic DVR. Microsoft integrates their fantastic Windows Media Center Edition into Home Premium and Ultimate, and it’s pretty much the best DVR you can get outside of getting a TiVo. Combine it with various Media Center Extenders, of which there are lots (such as the Xbox 360), you can get HDTV streamed to anywhere in your house from one computer in your office. Our only complaint is still that Cable Labs doesn’t allow you to stick a CableCARD tuner onto just any appropriately spec’d Vista PC—you actually have to buy a machine pre-made for CableCARD.


Ten Reasons Why Vista Isn’t That Bad

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