Back at CES Microsoft where showing off the Origami Experience 2.0 for UMPCs. This is add on application for UMPCs that is designed for touch and the 7 inch screen. 2.0 looks like a complete re-write of the original software and has features like touch enabled RSS reader and browser, weather apps, picture password application and new media player. It is finally available for download and you can find out more details on the Windows Experience Blog and I am downloading it now and will post some thoughts when I have chance to play with it

Download: Origami Experience 2.0

The Origami Experience 2.0 is designed for Ultra-Mobile PCs that run Windows Vista. To run the Origami Experience 2.0, a UMPC with the following specifications is recommended: 

  • Minimum 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • Minimum 1 GB of system memory
  • Touch panel display (required for Origami Picture Password)

The Origami Experience 2.0 requires the following software installed: 

  • Windows Internet Explorer 7. Origami Experience 2.0 requires Internet Explorer 7 for its RSS platform.
  • Windows Media Player 11. Origami Central requires Windows Media Player 11 in order to manage and play media.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. The calendar tile in Origami Now works only with Office Outlook 2007 Calendar. The mail tile in Origami Now works with Office Outlook 2007 Mail and Windows Mail.
  • The Windows update available here: . This update is highly recommended if you use the mail tile in Origami Now with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

The Windows Experience Blog : Origami Experience 2.0 Released

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