Sadly I had to return my loan Extenders back to Linksys so I can’t test the updates Linksys has put out for the Extenders. Chris Lanier has details on the updates for the Extender that you should see the update in the settings section of the Extender, according to Chris these are the fixes:

    • Playback of long VC1 videos files fixed (20 min. freeze issue)
    • H.264/AVC video playback level check removed
    • Live TV streaming stability improved
    • HDMI interoperability and audio improved (maybe HDMI auto-sense fix)
    • Received WiFi signals now sorted by strength and more clear
    • Scroll performance improved
    • Menu list item updates and navigation improved
    • Network setting reset during factory reset

Linksys Releases DMA2100/2200 Extender Firmware Update – Chris Lanier’s Blog

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  1. Surely you could get some re-loaned to you for review? Honestly, with so much changed you would think that they would want the fresh word to get out. This is the experience I should have had from the beginning.

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