Tonight I will be the guest along with Brian Burch, Director of Marketing for HP’s Connected Entertainment group on HP’s Webinar talking about the new MediaSmart Connect. This is the new Media Center Extender for HP. The session is very interactive so it would be great to get your questions, you can ask anything from supported media formats to the type of connections so sign up for the session (which is at 1pm PST / 9pm UK) and get involved.

Sign up here

EDIT 1pm PST!!

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  1. Hi Ian
    On Microsofts site its saying “Thursday, June 26th 1:00 pm PST ” is it 10:00 PST or 1:00 PST

  2. Hi Ian, do you know if these are any different from Linksys’ and D-Link’s hardware wise? I’m curious if they are any better at playing H.264.

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