Premium Media Center manufactures Vidabox have launched a in-wall touch panel, it has a 12.1" touch screen and Windows XP Embedded. I love the idea of in- wall touch screen applications and with it being XP Embedded you could run home automation and media applications on it. In a couple of weeks I am interviewing Steven Cheung from Vidabox so if you have any question leave a comment or email me ian at thedigitallifestyle dot com. Read the full press release here

The TouchClient12™ features the most sought-after features on in-wall control panels. With a fully independent, built-in XP embedded client, the TouchClient can work hand-in-hand with a variety of control systems – no VidaBox server or extender required! Install your favorite home automation software on the TouchClients, and run them right on the screen!

Not only is this panel easy to use with intuitive touch control, but it’s also easy to install! Simply fit the rough-in box into the wall, then connect the 12V power & LAN into the screen assembly, and finally, pop the screen assembly into the wall!

Like other VidaBox products, the TOUCHCLIENT series of touchpanles are engineered for reliability and maximum uptime. The panel features special, built-in data protection that is completely virus and malware-proof. Any time that there’s a problem, simply reset the panel, and it will revert back to its factory condition! There are no moving parts on the touchpanel – no fans, no hard drives – so you know for sure that you can install and enjoy it for years to come!


VidaBox TOUCHCLIENT12 – The Ultimate In-wall, Super Versatile Touch Panel

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