In this video I unbox and give a brief tour of a HP MediaSmart Windows Home Server. It’s a very compact unit with plenty of space for adding more storage and it has plenty of expansion options.  So have a look at this video and then compare it with the video I recorded of Tranquil’s Windows Home Server.

The next video should be of setting up the server on my network


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4 thoughts on “Video: Unboxing HP’s MediaSmart Windows Home Server”
  1. Ian,

    Love the site. Very helpful. I picked up the HP MediaSmart. Love it so far. I bought a Terrabyte hard drive, dropped it in the server and it actually worked exactly as it should, very easy.

    My question is, how can I get the MediaCenter interface through my XBOX with the Home Server? The XBOX (360) picks up automatically that I have a Windows Home Server and I can play songs, photos, video, etc. But it is not the nice MediaCenter interface. I do have a Vista Laptop and I was able to connect the XBOX to the laptop MediaCenter then have a Laptop connect to the WHS. But that solution is not effective and requires the laptop to serve the data. Not what I want. I should be able to get the MediaCenter interface directly with WHS.

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