mcePicasa is a open source project (on codeplex) for viewing Picasa images in Media Center. Written in MCML (Media Center Markup Language) means it’s a native Vista Media Center application with all the richness that offers. Plus being open source source you can dive in to the source code, take a look at how it works and contribute to the project. I find these kind of application very useful for finding out tips on Media Center development and even if your just curios to see what MCML and Windows Media Center Presentation Layer Application are all about. I don’t use Picasa but it a nice looking application and it would be great if it could be expanded to include other photo sites.

Picasa Web Album Viewer – Windows Media Center (MCE) Presentation Layer Application. Using your remote to browse, search, view, edit, upload and enjoy photos from your albums and community albums on your wide screen.

Why mcePicasa

  • Create something people want
  • Bring more enjoyment to existing users of Windows Media Center
  • Bring more users to Windows Media Center



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  1. Is it me or does this not look a lot like the Z application that comes with the Media Center SDK?

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