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As promised on my “first impressions” post here is the video of the unboxing and setup of the DMA2100.

The video shows the unboxing and how I setup the Extender to connect with my Media Center PC. It wasn’t all plane sailing, mainly due to the lack of HDMI cable and an update needed for Windows Vista. My plan is to look at the DMA2200 and go in to more detail on the performance of the Extenders in the next video which I will be recording next week.

Any questions, comments or if there is anything I should be looking at please let me know

Part One

Part Two

4 thoughts on “Linksys DMA2100 Unboxing and Setup (reposted)”
  1. Last night I had my first play with Linksys’s DMA2200, over the last week I have been using the DMA2100…

  2. It’s slow isn’t it? I would like to see you do a comparisson of the speeds of all of the available extenders.

    Other than that, excellent blog!!!

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