Chris Lanier has started a review of the Linksys extenders and he walks through the setup process including wireless networking. Part 1 is up now and part 2 and 3 are coming soon.

Between Microsoft and Linksys I’ve received a whole package of Media Center related goodies to test. Instead of this being just a review of the Linksys DMA2200 Extender, it will also cover the overall Media Center setup process from PC to wireless. Most of the time when I review something Media Center related I use my own PC which has generally been configured exactly how I want, and for the most part how it should be. This is not always the case with your standard OEM PC, so I’m taking a step back and beginning the process closer to how a first time Media Center and Media Center Extender user would.

Linksys Extender Review Part 1: Media Center & PC Setup

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One thought on “Chris Lanier reviews Media Center Extenders and PC setup”
  1. I’d say the Linksys Media Center is a total croc. It set-up OK out of the box, but then I have to keep setting it up everytime it looses connevtivity wit the PC. It is also really… relally, I mean REALY slow to react compared tu using MC on the PC. So, I put this down to my Wireless network. Then, I thought I’d run some Cat 5 to the box, and was totally underwhelmed one more that this thing is really … really … really slow. If I could stand the noise I’d just have put a PC in the living room, even though this would be a little more expensive.

    The idea looks good, but believe me, spend your £150 on something more useful than this device, as I can browse CD’s quicker than this thing can.

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