It’s the time of year where tech journalist and bloggers flock to Las Vegas for The Consumer Electronic Show, I have had hundreds and hundreds of emails from exhibitors at CES all promising their product or service will be the "must see item of 2008", with very few relevant to Media Center and the digital lifestye. So I have deleted the spam and am packing up for my flight on Sunday.

I want to know what you want to see at CES? A new Xbox? V2 Extenders? Windows Home Server? Let me know and I will seek out the relevant items

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4 thoughts on “What do you want to see at CES?”
  1. Ian, yes show us the new XBox.. v2 extenders. But I’d also like to see…

    – report on some Wifi enabled Digital Photo Frames that play nicely with Windows Home Server and/or Live SkyDrive.

    – interview with someone from the Windows Mobile team to discuss what they are doing to enable connected entertainment experiences with Microsoft platforms such as Media Center, Zune and Windows Home Server.

    – report on anything NetFlix has to offer to Media Center users

    – report on IPTV service providers that are using Microsoft’s MediaRoom platform

    Thanks and have fun at CES!

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