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At CES I visited the NextGen home (see this video), it was built to show off Media Center, Home Automation and Life|ware. Actors took you around the home showing off Media Center in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. After the tour I sat down with Mike Seamons from Life|ware and Scott Evans from Microsoft to talk about the aim of the home and the technology behind it. I also managed to interview some of the Extender manufactures. I talked with HP, Samsung and Linksys to find out more details on their extenders and networked products.

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Show times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:29 Email: Windows Home Server and Windows Media Center integration
03:12 Email: Windows Sideshow
05:50 Email: Linksys Extenders availability
06:16 Send in your email and win!
06:45 My new Digital Photo Frame with Sideshow
09:45 Video: Linksys Extender showing home security
10:19 Video: Cutting Edge PC’s Bluray / HD-DVD Media Center System
10:38 Video: Samsung Extender
11:00 A message from One Voice
12:30 Mike Seamans – Life|Ware
14:16 Life|ware in the home
15:34 Using the visual tool
18:00 How it connects
19:23 How to get Life|ware
22:00 Scott Evans from Microsoft
23:00 Background on the home
25:33 Connected Bed!
27:22 Touch Panels
27:50 UMPC use
29:11 Video on the NextGen Home
29:36 Samsung on their Extenders
31:00 Extender compatibility
31:20 Price
33:10 Alex Thatcher from HP
33:34 HP’s MediaSmart Receiver and MediaSmart TV
34:20 Local Storage
36:00 Media Center in their TV
39:45 Availability and when can we get them in the UK?
40:40 Linksys on Extenders and Routers (DMA2200 and DMA2100)
41:15 Linksys Routers for the home
43:36 Extenders
45:21 IP Security Cameras
46:50 Thanks for listening, see you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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