Having waited for for Media Center Extenders to come to the UK for years today two have arrived at once!

Linksys have sent me a DMA2100 and DMA2200 for a review. So I plan on unboxing and recording my first impressions tonight.  Is there anything I should be looking at or you would like me to focus on? I was thinking of streaming the session on Ustream.tv, is anybody interested in seeing it live or would you rather wait for the edited video?

2008-01-30-45276 2008-01-30-38788 2008-01-30-45695

6 thoughts on “My Linksys Extenders have arrived”
  1. I’ve ordered mine from ISOMicro, I take it that they are on target for a Feb 1st release date then? Do you have any more info Ian?

  2. I pre-ordered from ISOMicro as they are a registered Linksys partner/distributor so I’m really hoping it ships on Friday. Reports on thegreenbutton suggest they’ve already hit other parts of Europe.

    Anyway, what are your first impressions of the units?

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