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This week German Media Center developer Olcay Buyan from MCEDEV.Com talks about his Media Center applications including TVToolbox a great application for editing and converting Recorded TV files all from Vista Media Center. I have email, news items and an update on The Media Center Show Awards.

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Show Times:

00:54 Coming up this week
01:52 Refresh Rates in Windows Media Center 
05:20 ZuneTVWatch
06:15 Lifextender
06:52 The Media Center Show Awards
07:40 A Message from One Voice
08:30 Welcome to Olcay
09:16 Starting out with Media Center development
10:42 Developing MCE Customizer
15:57 Developing Vista Media Center applications
17:30 MediaCenterSandbox
17:44 MCEThemes
17:57 Media Center FX
19:08 MCEQuery
23:10 TV Toolbox
29:21 Converting to other formats
34:10 Cookbook application
42:42 Financing development projects
46:00 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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