Good news on the Zune front. It looks like the new Zunes announced yesterday will have video sync support for Windows Media Center (which should have been in the product from day one!). At least it means that you don’t need any 3rd party products to sync TV with a Zune , this would be a feature that would appeal to me. It also looks like Zune supports wireless syncing over wifi, another feature that interests me, I hope it can be automated, I hate it when I download a podcast and then forget to sync my Treo with my PC and then get in the car and have no shows to listen to.

All the software features of the new versions will be available as an update to existing Zunes so It’s nice to see that existing Zune owners are not punished for being early adopters as is normally the case.

It looks like the Zune Marketplace is getting an update soon including Podcast features, as a Podcaster it will be interesting to see how I could get a show on there as getting a show in to iTunes was painless.

All this is great but When can we have them in the UK Microsoft!!!


More information from Microsoft Press Release


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