Peter Near has started a campaign to get try and get CableCARD or something like that introduced in to Canada.If you have Tivo or Media Center and want to get rid of your Set Top Box and live in Canada you need take a look at Peter’s site web site. Peter will be coming on to The Media Center Show soon to talk about his campaign. I think a campaign to get Sky to open up to Media Center in the UK should be next

Did you know that you don’t really need a set top box to get HDTV from your cable company?  In the U.S. and other countries, you can plug your digital cable directly into your television, Tivo, or computer and enjoy the HDTV that you’ve paid for – it’s simple and it’s convenient.  The only thing holding back Canadians from enjoying these same benefits is the will of the people and the action of our government.

Want to help me make this happen?  Here’s what you can do:

  1. See what you’ve been missing
    I’ve put together a quick sample of the cool things that people in other countries are doing with their digital cable.  From gadgets that are on the market now to innovative ideas that are on their way, opening up the digital cable market has started to produce some really innovative ideas.
  2. Read my letter
    I’ve written a letter to the CRTC to ask that this issue be considered at the upcoming hearing on digital cable distribution in Canada.  Give it a quick read so you can understand how this was enforced in the US, and how I suggest that the CRTC proceed in making this a reality here in Canada.
  3. Write your own letter
    I have a Microsoft Word template set up that will make it easy to write your own letter to the CRTC.  It’s quite simple to write down your own feelings and submit them online – the CRTC wants to hear comments from all Canadians and I encourage you to let them hear what you have to say.  All letters to the CRTC will be published and considered in the upcoming hearing.
  4. Spread the word
    Once people discover what they’re missing, our politicians may stand up and take notice.  Politicians are people too, and I’m sure that they don’t like paying extra to their cable company to buy or rent that terrible box any more than we do.

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